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Our team at Aegis offers the following services to space-industry clients:

FCC application support (Space stations, Earth Stations, ESIMs)

    • Support and file experimental (Part 5) and commercial license (Part 25) applications for space stations and earth stations, including ESIMs
    • Develop application templates to help client organize and prepare necessary information
    • Develop licensing strategy for novel or unprecedented services as needed

FCC and other U.S. Government Rulemaking Support

    • Help clients identify whether there are any relevant rulemakings and assess whether to participate
    • Draft and submit comments and reply comments
    • Engage the FCC or other government agencies as needed on priority policy issues
    • Provide analysis and summaries of any rulemaking documents or the comments filed in a rulemaking

Business and Technical Development Support

    • Provide research, analysis, and risk assessments of potential regulatory issues in order to inform client’s business or technical strategy

Trainings to Build Client’s Internal Knowledge

    • How to navigate FCC databases (Including ICFS, OET, ECFS and ULS)
    • High level overviews of applicable ITU and FCC spectrum rules and regulations
    • License Application walk-throughs to explain what the client will need in terms of policy and technical showings as well as requisite fees

Compliance-by-Design ™

    • Collaborate with internal teams during the design phase to identify potential regulatory issues and risks to avoid when developing new systems
    • Provide guidance when contracting with vendors to help clients incorporate and account for spectrum and space-safety regulatory issues in the design process

Regulatory Reference Documents

    • Provide summaries or guides of relevant FCC rules or policies issued in rulemaking documents that clients can rely on for future regulatory reference

Monitoring of regulatory and legal developments outside of the U.S. that may be applicable to clients

    • Keep the client apprised of relevant regulatory developments in foreign jurisdictions and at the ITU
    • Support regulatory efforts in select foreign jurisdictions and connect the client to local counsel in many other jurisdictions

Are regulations keeping your space projects grounded?

You didn’t build your business to read regulations. You should be focusing your efforts on what you do best. But if you don’t follow the rules to the letter, you can lose big.

Make us a part of your team and launch your vision.

We know the regulations that affect businesses in the space industry. We work closely with our clients to explain the rules, put systems in place, and ensure compliance.

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