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Government Contracting

Our team at Aegis offers the following services to space-industry clients:

Traditional (FAR) Government Contracting

  • Guidance on complying with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and its Supplements
  • Guidance on Christian Doctrine and implied terms
  • Assistance with subcontract flow-downs
  • Assistance with negotiating contracts

SBIR/STTR Contracts

  • Creating organizational structures and licensing agreements to comply with SBIR/STTR requirements while maintaining control of business
  • Guidance on award process
  • Assistance with negotiating contracts

Space Act Agreements

  • Guidance on types of Space Act Agreements and how they operate
  • Assistance with negotiating contracts

CMMC Compliance

  • Draft CMMC compliance procedures (which can be baked into the Trade Compliance Procedures)
  • Introduction to cybersecurity professionals and software tools to implement procedures
  • Training on CMMC Compliance


Are regulations keeping your space projects grounded?

You didn’t build your business to read regulations. You should be focusing your efforts on what you do best. But if you don’t follow the rules to the letter, you can lose big.

Make us a part of your team and launch your vision.

We know the regulations that affect businesses in the space industry. We work closely with our clients to explain the rules, put systems in place, and ensure compliance.

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