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Business Formation & Fundraising

Our team at Aegis offers the following services to space-industry clients:

Choice of Entity

  • One entity or multiple
  • Corporation vs. member-managed LLC vs. manager-managed LLC
  • Choice of state
  • Structuring issues related to foreign ownership and control for government contracts

Ownership Issues

  • Foreign ownership and effects of export controls, CFIUS, and government contracts
  • Founder vesting
  • Agreements among shareholders/members

SEC Compliance

  • Assist clients with avoiding violations of SEC regulations through misrepresentation
  • Assist clients to comply with securities registration exemptions

CFIUS: Voluntary and Mandatory Disclosures

  • Assist clients with structuring investments to avoid CFIUS jurisdiction
  • Assist clients with determining whether a disclosure is mandatory, or whether a voluntary disclosure is a good idea

CFIUS: National Security Agreements

  • Assist clients with negotiating National Security Agreements
  • Assist clients with implementing mitigation measures required by National Security Agreements
  • Liaise with CFIUS Monitoring Agencies

Are regulations keeping your space projects grounded?

You didn’t build your business to read regulations. You should be focusing your efforts on what you do best. But if you don’t follow the rules to the letter, you can lose big.

Make us a part of your team and launch your vision.

We know the regulations that affect businesses in the space industry. We work closely with our clients to explain the rules, put systems in place, and ensure compliance.

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